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Scents that Transport You

Where Can Your Mind Take You?

The olfactory sense is the most powerful source of memory that we have. It being such a primal and ancient sense as well, it also holds sway over cognition and imagination. I want these candles to be your escape, your inspiration, and to take you to new worlds- to ones that you've never been, to ones inside of you. I have created scents that have reminded me of home- my country of birth, Bermuda- but also, of various places that I have lived, and traveled to. Other scents are whimsical, poetic, and true to my soul. Pick and choose as you like. Find the ones that speak to you. With every purchase, I include a free sample of a candle scent that I think you will enjoy. Come journey with me.


This candle (Crystal Caves) smells SO GOOD like a very fancy spa candle. It is a great blend of the eucalyptus + peppermint bc IMO minty candles usually smell like gum to me but this one does not. It's so soothing and fresh and luxurious smelling.. I literally just love this candle!

Fiona Fleurs

Wonderful Bermuda scent!

Charles Lawrence

My candle arrived and it is TO DIE FOR! Thank you so very much! I'm over the moon! I don't just like it, I'm in love!!

Jeffrey Finnegan

We've been burning Hygge non-stop! It smells so good!!

Bonnie Hines

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